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Our Products

Our furniture is Eco-friendly, we only use Scandinavian Redwood  which is sustainably sourced.

Scandinavian Redwood is a soft wood, but has a tight grain and is slow grown in the forests of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland where conditions are harsh and the trees are tree and strong, meaning the timber coming from them is durable and strong.

 They are made from wood which is a natural product, so there will be natural blemishes like knots and veins through the grain, and slight imperfections like cracks or splits in the wood may occur with changes in the weather, these natural characteristics are due to the wood losing moisture during warm and dry seasons, and during exposure to intense sunlight. During colder and wetter seasons the wood will uptake moisture again which will reduce these splits or cracks. This is of no detriment to the product. We try our best to get rid of splinters and rough edges but we may not eliminate all of them.

We would suggest that you use any of the 5 year wood treatments but not any kind of varnish or creosote based product.

Any further qestions or queries please get in touch as we would be happy to help.

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